Being a policyholder has its perks!

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SafeAuto policyholders can save up to 44% on a ForeverCar Vehicle Service Plan.* Not only will you save money on unexpected covered repairs, you could be eligible for the best monthly rate for vehicle service plans on the market!

*Policyholder savings is based on a 2019 study of the average savings of the exclusive SafeAuto price compared to the cost of equivalent plans in the ForeverCar Marketplace.

A Better Choice

Enjoy the freedom of comprehensive repair coverage without the long-term contract.

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Use the licensed repair facility of your choice.

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No mileage limitations – drive as much as you would like.

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No long-term contracts.

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Customize your deductible.

The ForeverCar Advantage

We’re proud to team up with SafeAuto to offer the best vehicle service plans available nationwide. We pride ourselves in finding the best plan to fit your needs through convenience, transparency and trust. With SafeAuto and ForeverCar, you can protect the entirety of your car – inside and out.

Buyer Beware

Become an educated and informed shopper. Be wary of sellers that don’t provide clear definitions of coverage options and prices associated with plan types. Instead, concentrate on sellers that provide tools for you to compare coverage options, and display what’s covered and what’s not covered.

Convenience. Transparency. Trust.

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Our repair concierge team of Protectionators are happy to help you with:

Getting a quote
Buying a vehicle service plan
Adjusting your payment type
Aiding in a roadside emergency
Helping with rental car if needed
Answer questions about the claims process

The Protectionator Difference

Our repair concierge team of Protectionators strive to give you the best shopping experience and remain by your side if you ever need assistance. That way, you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are vehicle service plans different from auto insurance?

Auto insurance generally offers collision and liability protection. Vehicle service plans protects you from mechanical breakdowns. When you have both, your car is completely covered — inside and out. Learn More

How do I get repairs?

Our repair concierge team is here to answer questions about the repair process. Use any licensed repair facility of your choice. After your covered repair is complete, pay your deductible and drive on. Learn more

What do vehicle service plans cover?

We'll provide a list of major components covered at each mileage band. That way, there are no surprises if a breakdown occurs. You can also download a sample of the vehicle service agreement:
Download Sample Agreement

How long does my coverage last?

Our vehicle service plans have no mileage limits and no long-term contracts and cover your vehicle up to 225,000 odometer miles.