Used Car Loan Duration and Extended Warranties

According to, used car loans are now at an average of over 5 1/2 years.  Also, the average age of a used car when purchased is 4 1/2 years.  So for used car buyers, the original manufacturer warranty has already expired. Unless these buyers have an extended warranty, consumers are faced with paying car repair … Continued

Used Car Warranty in Illinois

An interesting move by Governor Rauner.  Looks like buyer beware if you’re purchasing a used car in Illinois. The bill in question, which was vetoed by Rauner, was sponsored by Rep. Rita Mayfield who said: “They’re taking advantage of some of our younger college kids,” Mayfield said. “These kids save up just enough to get their … Continued

GM To Cut Powertrain Warranty

Looks like GM (and other manufacturers) will be cutting the manufacturer powertrain warranty down to 60,000 miles.  It used to be 100,000. Remember, powertrain is limited to a few parts so don’t assume you’ll be protected from repair expenses when your vehicle is outside the manufacturer warranty.  Vehicle service contracts, more commonly known as extended … Continued

Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs) 101: The Basics

Vehicle service contracts are similar to extended auto warranties and are designed to protect consumers against unexpected, costly repairs to their vehicle after their manufacturer warranty has expired. An extended auto warranty is a contract offered by a new car dealer to “wrap” the new car factory warranty and extend beyond it. A vehicle service … Continued


Vehicle Service Contract and Automotive Aftermarket Terminology Explained As you research vehicle service contracts and protection programs, it’s important to understand terminology used in the automotive aftermarket industry. The following is a list of common terms that might help you. A Rated — A rating provided by the independent insurance evaluator A.M. Best Company indicating financial strength and stability. An … Continued

Understanding What Vehicle Service Contracts Cover

If you’ve been researching vehicle service contracts or extended car warranties, then you know that the multitude of options most companies offer can be mind-boggling. There are contracts that cover only the big-ticket items and nothing else. There are plans that provide very comprehensive coverage. Our competitors don’t make it easy to determine which one … Continued

Benefits – Vehicle Service Contract

Much like life insurance, a major benefit of vehicle service contracts is the peace of mind they offer to consumers looking for protection today against tomorrow’s unknowns. Unexpected repairs can take a toll on anyone’s pocketbook, especially in an unstable economy. Knowing that those unexpected repairs will be taken care of, no matter what your … Continued

Choosing a Mechanic for Your Vehicle Service Contract Work

The process of selecting a repair facility varies throughout the vehicle service contract industry. Some plans require you to work with a specific dealership or repair facility. Those types of plans usually require authorization if you want to take the car somewhere else. Other vehicle service contracts stipulate you get your repairs completed at one … Continued