what’s in a plan?

Because of the technical complexities of automotive repair and unique situation of every car owner, vehicle service coverage can be complicated and confusing. To help make selection as easy as possible, we describe our plans in terms of level of coverage, how long coverage lasts, and the monthly cost.


We will always recommend bumper-to-bumper coverage to make sure your claims process is smooth. If comprehensive coverage not in your budget, we’ll show you very clearly what will not be covered at various price points.


Coverage duration is defined by a length of time in months or a specific mileage, whichever comes first. For example, a plan might offer coverage for 48 months or 100,000 miles. This means you’ll be covered for 48 months from the date of purchase or when your odometer reads 100,000 miles — whichever comes first. Coverage duration can vary from 12 to 72 months from the date of purchase or from 36,000 to 150,000 miles added to your current odometer. So if you purchase a 24 month contract with 24,000 miles on your current car that has 50,000 miles, your contract will expire 2 years from today or 74,000 miles, whichever comes first.


We offer a price match guarantee so you can get coverage from a company you trust, not based only on cost. If you find a better price for same coverage, we’ll match that price and take another $500 off. Plan cost is based on your vehicle age, make and model and mileage on your odometer. From there, the price will vary depending on the type of coverage you need, from bumper-to-bumper to catastrophic.All plans are payable on a monthly basis for up to 36 months. For a 72 month plan, this means you don’t have to pay a penny after 36 months.

Deductibles are generally $50 or $100, depending on the plan.