Your credit union, accelerated.

Drive member loyalty, protect more members and improve your bottom line with ForeverCar, the industry's only all-digital mechanical repair coverage solution.

Finally, mechanical repair coverage for all your members. Shop anywhere, anytime, from a brand they trust.

No need to rewrite loans...
...offer mechanical repair coverage after the loan event.

Offer the same mechanical repair coverage digitally ...
…members can shop, compare and buy mechanical repair coverage even if they don’t have a loan with your credit union.

Increase member satisfaction ...
...and protect more members from financial hardship due to unexpected car repair expenses.

Pass on significant savings ...
… to your credit union members can save up to 40% off of ForeverCar marketplace rates.





Show me how it works.


We’re offering a new way for you to expand member protection.


One that involves very little of your time. No upfront investment. No learning curve or extensive training. No hassles.



We're ForeverCar. And we're revolutionizing the world of mechanical repair coverage — for both credit unions and members.

We offer an all-digital, self-service platform to sell service plans at any point in your member’s relationship with you. That means you can sell a service plan to members who may or may not have a loan on your book. Or members who financed a vehicle with your credit union years ago. Or even to people who didn’t finance their car from through your credit union in the first place. 


Your members can log onto a site with your branding to price and pick their plan and set up monthly payments.


Simply sit back and we protect your members for you, digitally. It really is that easy. On average, credit union partners have increased their MRC penetration by 50% — by simply adding digital distribution of MRC already sold in the face-to-face loan officer channel. All we are doing is enabling your credit union to offer more of what every member desperately wants: peace of mind and security.


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Now you can remove a major hurdle for car buyers—guaranteeing your inventory is the highest quality, eliminating any consumer worries and helping buyers rest easy.

ForeverCar takes care of all the details for consumers who buy the vehicle service plan from you.

Remember, you don’t need to lift a finger. Or take a call when a car breaks down. We handle all customer service in a BBB A+ rated 24/7 environment.

We handle everything. And handle it flawlessly.  Read our Reviews




How it works.


Our program was designed from the ground up to be digital and self-service, reducing costs by automating almost every aspect. We provide a branded dealer portal online for you, and if you choose, you can customize quotes based on existing inventory quickly and efficiently, so you’re offering customers pricing only on your on-the-lot offerings. Or, you can sell our vehicle service plans to anyone, anywhere, anytime, regardless of automobile.

It’s simple. Your members:

  • select the make, model, year and mileage of the car

  • pick a plan based on their needs and price point

  • sit back and relax while we coordinate everything, from payments to customer service to bill coordination and more. 

Best yet, you get a commission on every plan you sell


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