Buying a Vehicle Service Plan

How to choose a vehicle service plan
and remove the hassles of car repair


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Let's Cover the Basics

Here’s a breakdown of different types of vehicle protection:

Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturer warranties are legally required for all new cars sold in the United States. You may have seen this referred to as a “bumper-to-bumper” warranty. These warranties typically cover all key components of the vehicle, including accessory and electronic systems.

Check your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for specific details about your coverage.

Auto Insurance

It’s more than likely that your state requires you to purchase some sort of automobile insurance prior to registering your vehicle. These offerings range from liability-only to collision to comprehensive. While these products offer protection from bodily injury, property damage and medical payments, they fail to protect you from the hassles of mechanical breakdowns.

Vehicle Service Plan

Vehicle Service Plans and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance provide coverage beyond manufacturer or powertrain warranties.

In addition to comprehensive parts and labor coverage, these plans include benefits like roadside assistance, getting a car rental and towing. These products have wide ranges of coverage and duration to fit the needs of your vehicle and driving habits. Instead of footing the entire bill for an unexpected breakdown, these plans offer a range of deductibles, allowing you to determine how much you want to pay for repairs.

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What's in a Vehicle Service Plan?

We broke it down into four components.

Coverage Level

Decide what parts and how much of your vehicle you want covered. Our agents will work with you to choose the best plan for you.

Coverage Details


Each plan has a set duration in months and mileage. For example, your plan might last up to 48 months or 100k miles, whichever comes first.

Duration Details


Monthly price is based on your coverage level, plan duration, deductible and vehicle. You can customize each aspect of your plan based on your needs.

Cost Details


Each of our plans offers a 0% interest financing that lasts the duration of your plan. Just pay the monthly cost via credit or debit card and you’re all set!

Payment Details


What's Covered?

You decide. Customize a plan that fits your needs.

Comfort components allow you to drive comfortably.

Brakes & Steering
Air Conditioning
Engine Cooling
Engine Fuel & Emission
Electrical & Suspension


Core components are the things that make your car go and are typically the costliest to repair.

Drive Axle
Air Conditioning


Convenience services include rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance, and lockout service.

Road Service
Car Rental
Tire Repair
Lock Out Service
Emergency Lodging

Talk to one of our agents to help customize a plan for you.

Plan Duration

How long does a plan last?

Each plan lasts a set number of months or miles driven, whichever comes first.

For example, a plan may cover 48 months or 100,000 miles. This means you will be covered for 48 months from the date of purchasing your plan or when you reach an additional 100,000 miles from the odometer reading on the date of your purchase — whichever occurs first.

Most vehicle service plans have a 30-day/1,000 mile waiting period in which providers are unable to authorize claims. Buy your service plan before a breakdown to ensure a seamless claims process.


What does it cost?

How are Plans Priced?

Price is based on:

  • Duration of contract
  • Vehicle year, make, model and mileage
  • Deductible amount

Adjusting your Quote

Customize your plan by adjusting your deductible, duration or coverage level.

We recommend selecting a higher coverage level for a smoother claims process.


How does payment work?

Payment plans typically last the length of your vehicle service plan.

Simply pay your monthly bill via credit card.


Learn more about Vehicle Service Plans in our Buyer's Guide.

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