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Brooke Schulz Fernandez

Brooke Schulz Fernandez

Vice President Business Development

Brooke began her career in the internet technology industry in 2000; back when it was called the “new media” industry. A seasoned sales and marketing executive, Brooke brings a range of experience to B2B enterprise selling in the technology arena — and now tackling the inefficiencies of the extended warranty market.

An early member of the Vonage management team, Brooke was tasked with the assignment of growing its customer base of 100 customers. Within 5 years the company had gone public with over 2 million customers.  After her time at Vonage, Brooke ran a search fund which acquired two Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies combining them under the brand name Workplace Answers. As an equity partner there, she ran sales and marketing for one of the leaders in online compliance training, doubling top line revenue in just one year.

Brooke’s passion is leveraging technology, talent and analytics to transform sales and marketing organizations into predictable revenue machines. After her success at Workplace Answers, Brooke was recruited out of her software company to run business development for Gallup, Inc in Chicago then for Orbitz for Business, (acquired by Expedia, Inc.).

She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and a master’s degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Brooke welcomes the opportunity and challenge ForeverCar is bringing to the extended warranty space, using technology, transparency and big data to modernize the industry. As Vice President, Business Development her mandate is to expand ForeverCar’s customer base through effective partnerships, channel deals and affiliate networks.