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Kal Walkden

Kal Walkden

Chief Technology Officer

Kal has brought new products to market, led teams, and helped companies grow inside of organizations ranging from start-ups to behemoths like IBM and Philips Electronics since before the Internet was a household name. He spent his untanned youth in South Florida forgoing the beach and boating to spend hours indoors taking apart hardware, hacking code, and being a Maker long before it was an obvious option to make a career of it.

Prior to joining ForeverCar as its Chief Technology Officer Kal led product development at multiple SaaS platform companies generating momentum from the onset in order to attain sustainable funding and revenue or ultimately get acquired.

He holds a Master’s degree in parallel and distributed computing from Northwestern University where he received the Walter P Murphy fellowship and focused on DARPA research projects. He also holds a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University.

Kal’s mandate at ForeverCar is to provide customers/clients/users the best vehicle protection purchase experience in the marketplace.