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Mark Hodes

Mark Hodes

Chief Executive Officer

Mark has been at the intersection of technology and marketing for over 25 years. He earned his stripes in Silicon Valley during the early 90’s where he was witness to the birth of the Internet as a consumer shopping and buying platform. As a founding member of the digital marketing arm of True North Communications, Mark worked with early innovators like Excite (Search) and Netcom (ISP) as well as more established brands like AT&T, Levi’s and Adobe.

Mark continued to hone his digital marketing and technology skills at leading agencies iXL, Ogilvy and Digitas. Digital pioneers like FedEx, Sears and General Motors were just a sampling of the clients Mark advised.

Mark returned to his Midwest roots to help bolster Chicago as a hub of Internet innovation. He was in the trenches as industry after industry was redefined by the Internet – spanning travel (Orbitz), event ticketing (TicketsNow), apparel (Threadless) and comparison shopping (NexTag & AccuQuote). Mark’s executive leadership at TicketsNow contributed to the $265M acquisition by Ticketmaster.

Now, Mark’s ready to shake up another industry. This time in the vehicle protection space…a category that could use a jolt of innovation. While not as glamorous as selling tickets to U2 or the Super Bowl, it’s the right time and the right place.