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Mark Hodes Headshot

Mark Hodes

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Since founding ForeverCar, Mark continues to drive the overall strategic vision while managing investor relations and establishing himself as an industry thought leader. At the intersection of technology and marketing for over 25 years, he played a pivotal role innovating various industries leveraging the internet as a consumer shopping, buying and servicing platform.

Mark’s ForeverCar: My beat-up Toyota Camry Hybrid... a constant reminder of the perils of teenage drivers who lack depth perception.

Dan Rothschild Headshot

Dan Rothschild

Chief Technology Officer

With over 30 years of experience, Dan’s career has impacted multiple industries across North America, Asia and Europe. Dan has an innate ability to bring products and ideas to market, working closely with cross-functional teams to make sure goals and objectives are met. Dan has played an integral role in scaling ForeverCar’s infrastructure and digital footprint since he started in 2014.

Dan’s ForeverCar: 1974 Chevy Impala, my first car with a big engine, much faster than the newer sports cars coming out in the late 70’s. It was so bad on gas mileage, you could literally watch the gas gauge needle move when you drove it.

Jason Shapiro Headshot

Jason Shapiro

Chief Revenue Officer

Jason leads ForeverCar’s Enterprise sales and client management team, responsible for partnerships and business development. Jason brings over 19 years of experience in forging strong relationships in and around the automotive and technology industry. As a native to Chicago, Jason has worked with some of the largest automotive and technology companies in the Chicagoland area. Jason’s successful background in delivering mutually beneficial partnerships puts him in a highly unique position to scope and deliver new opportunities while expanding existing relationships.

Jason’s ForeverCar: 1995 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo. Of all the cars I have owned this is the one I wish I kept. Black and tan 6spd manual 320bhp (underrated) rear wheel drive with a targa roof. They are currently selling for 4x what I sold it for 18 years ago and a true legend in automotive history!


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Robyn Frazier


Marina James headshot

Marina James

Marketing Operations Specialist

Kyle Kostell headshot

Kyle Kostell

Enterprise Account Manager

Brett von Halle headshot

Brett von Halle

Senior Product Designer


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